Pack Goats

Posted: May 9, 2022

Goats have many uses.  Some people raise them for milk and cheese, some for hair, some for meat.  Some people raise them for the joy of showing them, while others keep them for weed and vegetation mitigation.  But as recently as 1982, goats have been given a new assignment…”Beasts of Burden”.  That’s right; goats are becoming the new pack animal of choice!  Pack goats!

Even though a goat can only carry about 50 pounds, compared to a horse, which can carry up to 200 pounds, goats are herd animals that are easily socialized to people.  A well-trained goat doesn’t have to be led, and when grouped, goats naturally establish a lead goat to follow, which they will do, remarkably in the same order each time.  They’ll naturally stay grouped together and follow their “human” and they won’t bolt due to the scent of a predator.  Compare that to a llama that sometimes needs to be dragged, or a horse that could easily get spooked and run away.  They’re perfect for high country trails as their sure-footedness allows them to navigate rougher, steeper terrain than most other domestic animals.

Goats cost less to care for than larger animals, they require less space, and can fit handily in the back of a pickup, so no special trailer is required.  When on the trail they consume a wider variety of plant material than larger animals and consume far less water.  They’ll follow their “human” with no need of a tether, and they’ll usually stay near camp during the overnight hours.  It all sounds pretty good.  Right?  Well, there is a catch.  A well-conditioned goat can only go about 12 miles a day.  And, conditioning is key to making that 12 miles a reality.  An out-of-shape goat won’t even give you a mile before it’s done.

Training goats as pack animals is a fairly easy process for a patient person.  For one thing – it’s nearly impossible to convert an adult goat into a pack goat.  You need to start with babies, and you need to plan to bond with them like you would pet dogs.  They’re smart and they learn quickly, but the first thing you need to learn is how they like to be loved.  Whether it’s a scratching under the chin or long strokes along the back, each goat will let you know what they like best, and that is how you will show it love from then on.  Goats absolutely cannot take heavy-handed training.  Striking your goat will ultimately result in a goat that will forever be problematic.  A loud voice and a squirt bottle will have to be your reprimand.  Just a single syllable yell such as “GET” or “HUP” will provide surprisingly satisfying results!  Physical aggression toward your goats will erode their trust in you and could cause them to be aggressive toward other humans, so never hit or kick your goats.

As you train your goats you need to teach them to stay behind you.  They must learn that you are the alpha and they must stay behind you at all times.  The best way to keep a goat from passing you is to use a walking stick.  If a goat attempts to pass, simply tap it lightly on the fleshy part of the nose and say “BACK”.  It only takes a couple times before they “get it” and listen.

Any gender of goat can be a pack goat, but most people prefer wethers (castrated males).  Does work just fine but can’t carry quite the weight of a male, and bucks are only good for part of the year.  When they’re in rut they can be unruly as well as smelly.  With the right goat and equipment, you and your goats can all look forward to many enjoyable adventures together!

For more information on pack goats visit the website of the North American Packgoat Association at

Some public lands require permits for the use of pack goats due to concerns of spreading disease to wild animals such as mountain goats.  Photos courtesy of Nathan Blyleven.

Coeur d’Alene Plays Host To Migrating Populations

Posted: October 26, 2021

These beautiful, majestic birds with a wingspan from 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet are the picture of strength and freedom. No wonder they were chosen to become our National emblem back in 1782. However in the mid-20th century their very existence was threatened by human activity including hunting, use of the pesticide DDT, loss of habitat, power line electrocutions and other factors. In 1963, there were only about 400 breeding pairs left in the wild. Thanks to protections put in place, bald eagle populations have made a comeback with an estimated 9,800 breeding pairs today.

Eagles that travel from their nesting ranges further north to winter at Lake Coeur d’Alene feast primarily on spawning kokanee salmon. Early morning is the best time to see them feeding as they splash down and snatch their meal. After feeding, the rest of their day is spent mainly perching in taller open trees and snags, descending occasionally for a tasty salmon snack. On windy days especially, you can see them soaring effortlessly on the wind currents. Capable of reaching altitudes of 10,000 feet they can soar continuously for hours at a time.

Some of the eagles you are likely to see may not sport the iconic white head of the adult bald eagle. They go from mostly brown through several phases before attaining their distinct adult plumage around their fifth year. Both male and female adults have the white head on reaching adulthood. Females are bigger than the males.

The eagles are sensitive to disturbance by humans. With that in mind, visitors are asked to always keep their distance, ideally viewing the eagles from the BLM boat ramp or the Mineral Ridge Trail Head. By all means, bring your spotting scope or binoculars to ‘get up close’ to these winter visitors who provide such a spectacular wild spectacle to those of us lucky enough to be able to view these magnificent creatures.

For more information on bald eagles and the Lake Coeur d’Alene Eagle Watch, you can visit:

Kayaking is An Incredible Sport

Posted: May 5, 2021

Lake kayaking is an incredible sport that seems to be growing in popularity throughout the northwest, and, why not?? We’re blessed with a variety of lakes ranging from very small to quite vast, most of them are very beautiful, and as it turns out, we have a lot of them. Kayaking offers outdoor enthusiasts the chance to get up close and personal with these bodies of water in a way they may never have considered. Kayaking allows the on-the-water experience to become intimate for the paddler. One’s head and upper body in close proximity to the water’s surface as they glide across it. One becomes immediately aware of the quiet being broken only by the soft sound of the paddle entering and exiting the water, the subtle buzz and chirp that’s ever present in the outdoors during the warm months, and the smell of the moist freshness provided by that water below. Suddenly; you realize a sense of freedom and a oneness with your surroundings.

Besides benefiting your mental health, there are a variety of physical benefits to kayaking, too, such as increased upper body strength, more toned legs, and a strengthened core. It’s a great overall workout that combines cardio with a sort of “resistance training”. It’s so darn fun to paddle, you never even realize you’re getting a great workout!

My kayak is an 11-foot Dagger Zydeco.  The length is great for speed and handling so it’s easy to get from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently. Once I jump in, I head directly toward the center of the body of water I’m on.  I like to get out there and just stop. I like to take in the 360° view and enjoy the sound of the quiet. Once I’ve savored that experience for a while I’ll look for something to pique my interest, then I’ll take off toward it. On a gorgeous day it’s easy to find myself paddling and paddling for hours on end; which brings to mind a few items you want to always have with you in your kayak.

A brimmed hat would normally be Number 1, but the truth is Number 1 and Number 2 are legally required on most, if not all, bodies of water. They are a life jacket (or Personal Floatation Device) and a horn or whistle.  The reasons are obvious.  So; we’ll make a brimmed hat Number 3.  It doesn’t take long on a beautiful sunny day to fry your nose and ears when you’re out on the water. There are a lot of good nylon hats available that are well-made and affordable, and nylon brimmed hats rarely sink.  If your hat were to blow off your head into the water, you should be able to retrieve it without losing it to the depths.

I love the water. I love swimming, I love boating, I love skiing, I love rafting, and I really love kayaking. I would recommend to anyone to give kayaking a try. It’s a great way to paddle away your cares and be one with nature.

Waking Up To The Cross-Country Experience

Posted: January 11, 2021

I am not a runner.  I’m familiar with the sport…and I know people who run.  In fact, I’ve attempted to adopt a running routine a few times in my life.  But it was those few earnest attempts that helped me solidify my commitment to the idea – I am not a runner.

So; imagine my surprise when some friends talked me into going cross-country skiing for the first time in my life.  I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, an innocent conversation took a turn in the direction of cross-country skiing and before I knew it someone recommended we all go!  Sure enough, there it was; and to make matters worse, someone had an extra set of skis and an extra set of ski boots that just happened to be my size.  There was no way around it – I was going cross-country skiing.

I’ve been a downhill skier for most of my life, and I can honestly say I have never spent a moment regretting any of my experiences on the slopes.  But here’s the thing – you’re on a slope.  You could essentially just “stand there” on your skis and you’ll slide down a hill.  Cross-country skiing is done on a more flat surface, so in order to move forward YOU have to make that happen.  If you encounter the rise and fall of rolling terrain – you can slide down one side, but you still have to get yourself up the other, and just thinking about that part was exhausting.

Much like downhill skis, cross-country ski equipment includes two skis, each with its own binding, a pair of sport-specific boots and a pair of poles.  The skis are somewhat longer than one might wear for downhill, they have a narrower profile and the bottoms are “scaled”, textured one direction, so you can slide forward (ski) when possible, but you won’t slide backward.  The scales provide traction so you can propel yourself when necessary.  Cross-country skis are also very lightweight so they’re barely noticeable, provided you’re moving forward.  It’s those moments when you’re not moving forward, and you feel compelled to turn to the right or left, that they become VERY noticeable.

The bindings are not at all like downhill bindings.  Instead of the sole of the boot being firmly, flatly clamped to the ski, effectively making the ski a static extension of the sole; the cross-country binding is hinged and connects only to the toe of the boot allowing the heel of the boot to raise and lower, much resembling the motion of how you might walk or run.  Working in concert with one’s poles, the idea is to push forward with one ski while sliding forward on the other; the hinged binding allows the “push” foot to raise and bend naturally and comfortably.

We all met at my home on a crisp Saturday morning.  Being a country-dweller, it seemed like the obvious choice to me, we would just step out the front door, throw on our skis and away we’d go!  I went inside to put on the borrowed boots then stepped back out and right into the borrowed skis.  Cross-country ski boots are absolutely nothing like downhill boots.  By comparison they’re exceptionally comfortable and in no way impede ankle movement.  They slip on simply and quickly, like a pair of funny-looking hiking boots, and they lock into the bindings on the skis just as quickly and easily.  Before we knew it the four of us were off on what would be for me a life-changing adventure.

Now, to be clear, I am not averse to exercise.  I think quite simply I just didn’t care for running.  It’s not just the motion and the elevated heart rate!  There’s the pounding of feet on the hard surface in what might not be the best footwear for the experience.  There’s the ridiculously early hour of the day you have to go out and do it to avoid being seen by people who actually do it because they like it (they usually like to do it later in the day).  Within moments of taking off from my front yard I had found the rhythm.  It’s that thing you achieve when your skis and your legs and your poles and your arms all suddenly start working together in a beautifully synchronized dance.  You’re kicking and reaching, blissfully unaware of your increased respiration or your elevated heart rate.  You’re completely involved in the sound of the wonderful quiet that wraps itself all around the sound of your skis as they glide across the snow.  It’s that same amazing peace that sweeps over you when riding a chairlift on a crisp, calm, sunny day in January; flying quietly through the air surrounded by Nature’s glory.

For me – there’s nothing like it.  Nothing.  Well, maybe inline skating.  But, only kind of.  Skating requires asphalt.  For cross-country skiing, anything that resembles a snowy trail will do.  Country roads, logging roads, linear parks, even golf courses can make great places to ski.  Just remember to carry a backpack, stay hydrated and layer your apparel.  And always, always be respectful of nature.

Product Spotlight – The Garmin Instinct

Posted: January 20, 2020

The Garmin Instinct hits the sweet spot for both features and price. It offers a number of practical outdoor and sports features that’ll certainly keep outdoor adventurers happy, yet sports a price tag that won’t give you pause.

First and foremost; the Instinct is an outdoor watch.  It’s quite durable – it features a fiber-reinforced polymer casing that is highly resistant to scratching and is worn on a soft silicone band making the 1.8-ounce Instinct comfortable to wear both day and night.  The monochrome display is easy to read and features two customizable windows allowing you to view the information of your choosing.

As the instinct is a Garmin® product, it should come as no surprise that it’s loaded with tracking and navigation features; however it lacks onboard topo maps which are not compatible with the non-color display.  But, for that which it lacks – it more than makes up!  It supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo and will connect quickly with these satellite systems, keeping you more than covered, navigationally speaking.

If you’re an avid activity tracker, the Instinct has over 25 different activities that you can track from running to swimming to rowing.  During the activity you’re engaged in you can scroll through different data screens designed for the activity. Enhanced optical heart rate1 technology gauges the intensity of your fitness activities.  Heart rate variability is even used to calculate your stress level score, so you can see if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day.

And, speaking of tracking,  you can pair your Instinct with your dog tracking devices to receive dog status updates and alerts right on your wrist!

Priced at just under $300, the Garmin Instinct is a great-looking, affordable outdoor-focused watch with many of the features found in more expensive outdoor activity watches.

Vendor Spotlight – Kuhl® Men’s & Women’s Apparel

Posted: January 7, 2019


At KÜHL®, the passion remains to get outdoors and have fun. KÜHL® is what it means to be comfortable and relaxed in the challenging environment of life and sport. KÜHL® means creating the best environment for you and knowing the importance of following your own beliefs and desires. Every contributor to the KÜHL® brand comes to the company with an outdoor lifestyle. KÜHL® people ski, mountain and road bike, backpack, camp, mountaineer, and travel worldwide.  For KÜHL®, this dedication to original thinking translates into excellence in design and exceptional construction.

KÜHL® not only delivers innovative style and features, such as the thumb-loop cuff, but also uses exclusive fabrics with unique weaves and vintage washes to create authentic character. Articulated, gusseted, precise designs, combined with the utmost craftsmanship, provide a fit that is pure comfort. Wearing KÜHL® not only represents the freedom of movement you enjoy, but the free will you express.

Happy Fashion Friday!

Posted: April 7, 2017

Happy Fashion Friday! Repel rain while you explore nature’s playground with waterproof, breathable rain jackets and vests for women by The North Face in adventure-ready styles.

Spring in today and shop our huge selection of The North Face and look amazing on that adventure!

Happy Fashion Friday!

Posted: March 3, 2017

Happy Fashion Friday!! The snow is melting fast, and the new spring fashions have arrived. Cruise on in and check out our amazing selection of Tentree clothing and accessories.Tentree-Fashion-Friday-2-revised.jpg-for-FB

Happy Fashion Friday!!

Posted: February 24, 2017

Come and check out our selection of Vans!! From timeless traditional to trendy hi tops, no need to look any further than Tri-State Outfitters!! your fashion footwear experts.


Happy Fashion Friday!!

Posted: January 6, 2017

Happy Fashion Friday!!! Come in today and talk to one of our cold weather fashion experts!! not all items available and limited to stock on hand.

He’s wearing:
Kuhl Free Ryder-Lean Fit Pants
Kuhl Impakt Jacket
Carhartt Plaid Shirt

She’s wearing:
Prana Kara Jeans
Kavu Lopez Top
The North Face Aconcagua Vest


Happy Fashion Friday!!!

Posted: December 30, 2016

Happy Fashion Friday!!! Come in today and talk to one of our cold weather fashion experts!! not all items available and limited to stock on hand.


Posted: November 30, 2016

JOAN OF ARCTIC COLLECTION!! This classic silhouette features a beautiful, waterproof, full-grain leather and suede upper, super-soft faux fur around the cuff and a removable, recycled felt inner boot to ensure that feet stay warm, dry and comfortable in cold winter conditions. Come in today and try some on!!!sorels-joan-of-arctic!

Welcome to Team Axe!!

Posted: November 28, 2016

Your New 2016 Axe Bats Have Arrived at Tri-State Outfitters in Lewiston!!!

After months or, in some cases, years, of development, the day has finally arrived to announce our 2016 line of Axe Bats. We’ll be going into a lot more detail in the coming weeks about some of the new technologies included, but suffice to say this year’s lineup is our most advanced, most balanced and most diverse yet.


Sea to Summit.

Posted: November 15, 2016

Come in and check out our great selection of Sea to Summit gear!!  Innovative gear for all outdoor enthusiasts.  #seatosummit #godostuff #goexpolore #getoutside poster


Posted: November 4, 2016

A life lived outdoors has taught us to question preconceived ideas. What makes something crazy? What defines happiness? Who gets to tell us what to do? When do we listen? ⠀ ⠀
People have always ventured into the unknown. And time and time again the unthinkable has become the new normal. The North Face asks everyone to question madness. #QuestionMadnessinstagram_carrousel8

Amazing turnout for 2016 Ski Cruncher!!

Posted: October 13, 2016

We just wanted to thank all of our loyal Coeur d’Alene customers who lined up bright and early despite the rainy cool conditions to attend our annual #SkiCruncher sale. And a special shout out to Pastry and More along with Bruce Deming for organizing and supplying the #cinnamonrolls and coffee for everyone, much appreciated……tso-cruncher-pics-2

Amazing New Go Pro Hero 5 Has Arrived!!

Posted: October 11, 2016

GoPro HERO 5 Black

The HERO 5 Black has a 2-inch touch display to simplify the controls of the camera, but it all begins with a one-button control to power on the camera to start recording automatically. Once it is on, you can capture videos with resolutions up to 4K at 30 frames per second and professional still images of 12 MP with enhanced low-light performance on RAW and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) formats.

Voice control has been added to further simplify the use of different functions. The camera has 10 commands in seven different languages, just in case you happen to be hurling down a slope and your hands are busy. So whether you speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese (with more languages on the way), voice control should understand you.

What’s Your Adventure Contest

Posted: July 15, 2016

You were born to explore. The outdoors are your playground. Your camera is your favorite companion. This contest is for you.

Feature your love of Adventure in our Photo Gallery and you could win a Daypack from Osprey.

We’ll select two winners from the top ten entries.

One winner will receive a men’s Osprey Manta AG 28 Daypack. One winner will receive a women’s Osprey Mira AG 26 Daypack.


Entry Period: Friday, July 15th – Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Winners Announced: Monday, August 8 on Facebook and contacted via email.

* Winners must be able to pick up prize at one of our Tri-State Outfitters locations.

Contest Rules & Fine Print:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Inc. We reserve the right to remove any photos or comments that we deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants suspected of cheating which includes, but is not limited to, soliciting for votes, using fake accounts for votes, or any other unapproved voting methods. Crown Enterprises Inc. reserves the right to end the promotional contest at any time, for any reason.

By entering and submitting a photo or video, you represent that (a) you are the creator of the submission, (b) you own all rights to the submission, (c) the submission does not infringe upon or violate the intellectual property, privacy, or other rights of any third party. If you submit a photo or video you grant Crown Enterprises Inc. a royalty-free, nonexclusive right to use and display your photo for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, online promotions such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,,, and Instagram, as well as in-store promotions, print media and broadcast without any obligation to pay compensation or any right of approval. Minors must have consent of their legal guardian.

  • Entry Period: 7/15/2016 – 8/7/2016 at 11:59pm.
  • Up to 3 entries per person. One prize per participant. Highest ranking entry will receive placement.
  • One vote per person, per submission.
  • Prizes are as-is and cannot be exchanged or returned for cash value.
  • Winners must be able to pick up prize at our Tri-State Outfitters locations.
  • Employees of Crown Enterprises Inc. and their immediate family are ineligible to enter or win.

Employee Spotlight: Tige Arnold

Posted: April 1, 2016

Tige Photo 1I’ve been working at Tri-State Outfitters full-time in the shoe department for over 6 years.  I worked full-time at the store during the summers in Receiving at age 15 until age 17 and then full-time in the Shoe Department from 1991 until 1992.  In 1993 I joined the U.S. Army and served 3 years at Fort Carson, Colorado.  After my honorable discharge I became a Footwear Department Head for two years at Gart Sports in Colorado Springs, Colorado while I finished my Associates of Applied Science in Architectural and Structural Drafting from Denver Technical College.  I spent the next 16 years in the architectural industry, after which I returned to Moscow, Idaho to work in the Shoe Department here at Tri-State.  Of all the jobs I have worked in my lifetime, this position has been the most fun and rewarding.

I have fallen in love with my hometown now once again, and now enjoy the outdoors the area has to offer even more than in the past.  My favorite things to do in this area are mountain biking, trail running and hiking, backpacking, hunting and fishing.

Here’s recent review we received about Tige:

“We finally purchased a sports shoe with Tige…  what a phenomenal guy!!!  He knows his products well…. he could sell us the whole store!!  On a serious note, he really does know his shoe product really well and other products in the store.. from the form fitting to the way one’s feet walk (supination, pronation, overpronation, underpronation… bla bla bla)… he knows what shoes to recommend and why.  He is very good with customers in the way he conduct himself very professionally, with confidence, I appreciate how he treated my boyfriend  and me, even though I was there for my boyfriend.  Tige is excellent when it comes to customer service.”

K2 Pinnacle Skis Have Arrived!

Posted: November 20, 2015

The most exciting skis in the Industry have finally landed at our Coeur d’Alene store!

The K2 Men’s Pinnacle ski is a light weight, all-mountain machine, stock with new technology and engineering straight from the brilliant mind of Spock at K2. These babies feature All-Terrain Rocker, an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge-hold in firmer conditions. Simply put, All-Terrain Rocker offers versatility and ease in all snow conditions.

Having won several industry awards this season, this one-ski quiver performs like the humvee of skis, looks awesome, and is available in these waist widths: 95105, or 118. The Pinnacle 118, Seth Morrison’s pro model, has been updated with K2 Konic Technology and is suited to slay soft, deep snow. Take your pick. Any way you choose you’re going to love them.

The Pinnacle is available to demo this season at our Coeur d’Alene store. Stop and find out for yourself what makes these sticks so rad.

Let’s See Your Hunting Photos!

Posted: October 19, 2015

Upload Your Photos To Our Online Trophy Board! Win Free Stuff!

To many of us at Tri-State Outfitters, hunting is a way of life. It’s a means to connect with our ancestry and the wilderness, a way to provide for our family, and a tradition to pass down to future generations. Part of the hunt is sharing your experiences, and that’s why we invite you to post your Hunting photos to our online Trophy Board. Throughout the season we’ll pick a few lucky winners to receive some free swag from Tri-State Outfitters!

So what are you waiting for? Upload your photos by clicking the button below.submit-photos

GoPro Hero4 Session Has Arrived

Posted: July 24, 2015

“HERO4 Session packs the power of GoPro into our smallest, lightest, most convenient camera yet, featuring a rugged and waterproof design, easy one-button control, 1080p60 video and 8MP photos.” – See more at:

By now you’ve probably heard about the latest addition to the GoPro family: The Hero4 Session. We’re stoked to say that it has arrived at our Moscow, ID location. So what’s the big deal about it? Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

First of All, It’s a Little Guy.

According to GoPro, the Session is “50% smaller and 40% lighter than other HERO4 cameras.”  Which makes it’s easier to mount, and GoPro doesn’t skimp on the mounts and accessories. The sky’s the limit when it comes to mounting options.

But just because it’s little doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. On the contrary. Here’s some of it’s best features:

  • High-resolution 1440p30 and 1080p60 video
  • High frame rate of 720p100 video enables smooth slow-motion playback
  • Capture 8MP single photos, Time Lapse photos at set intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds, and Burst photos at 10 frames per second
  • Rugged and waterproof to 33’ (10m), eliminating the need for a separate housing
  • Easy one-button control
  • Features SuperView™, a GoPro-exclusive video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view
  • Dual mic system -When you’re filming in windy conditions the camera automatically switches to the mic that’s best-suited for capturing optimal audio
  • Built-in battery
  • When the camera is mounted upside down, Auto Image Rotation automatically adjusts the capture orientation to right-side up so there’s no need to flip your footage in post-production

Check one out for yourself at our Moscow location or find out more at 

Henry Heirloom Rifles

Posted: May 15, 2015

Tri-State Outfitters is proud to announce that we are one of a limited number of dealers across the country to offer the Henry Heirloom program for 2015! Create your own Henry Heirloom by choosing from the 15 guns below to have built with a custom serial number! The program continues through June 13th, so pick out your rifle and create your Henry Heirloom today! *Not available at our Coeur d’Alene store.


Please Note:
• 12 Character Limit, no dashes.
• The ATF requires at least one numeric digit within the serial number.
• If purchasing more than one firearm, please remember each firearm must have its own unique serial number.
• Please fill-in an acceptable second choice serial number. In the event that your first choice serial number is unavailable, this will allow us to expedite your order without delay.

Download Application HERE.

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie

Posted: April 1, 2015

My name is Stephanie Wakefield. I’ve worked in the shoe department in the Lewiston store for six and a half years. I love my job and enjoy fitting the right shoe with the right person. Being a department manager I am very passionate about customer service and the product we carry. I  love my co-workers and everything Tri-State Outfitters stands for!

photo 3One thing about me is that I love to be with family, whether it be at barbecues or camping. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and long-time boyfriend. We delight in teaching her about the outdoors. We’re avid snowmobilers and Harley riders that like to camp, fish, and shoot guns whenever we get the chance.

photo 1One of the perks of living in Lewiston is that you’re in close range of many prime camping/snowmobiling areas like Waha, Elk River, and the Blues. A good long day trip on the bike is riding through Orofino and up through Pierce and back.

One of my favorite products from Tri-State Outfitters is my Omni Heat base layers by Columbia Sportswear that keep me warm without getting too hot. I also recommend Buff rags for the bike. They help me have “perfect hair every time!”

Employee Spotlight: Marshall

Posted: February 16, 2015

My name is Marshall Barnhouse

I started working at Tri-State Outfitters in Coeur d’Alene in July 2011, so little over 3 years now. I am currently a sales associate, with extensive knowledge in footwear and snowboarding. I was born and raised in North Idaho, so anything you can think of, I’ve done. Last year, I completed my first Tough Mudder event. I also enjoy shreddin some pow, mountain biking, crackin’ cold ones, and trail running.

Some of my personal favorite spots to enjoy the outdoors around Coeur d’Alene include, Lake Pend ‘Oreille (specifically Buttonhook Bay), Farragut State Park (for their trails), and Schweitzer Mountain. Best thing to do is go exploring; drive some dirt roads, hike some woods, you’ll never get bored in Idaho.

* Marshall will be leaving the company late February 2015 to trek into new adventures in Colorado. It’s been a great ride, Marshall. Come back and visit soon.

Employee Spotlight: Randy

Posted: January 31, 2015

My name is Randy Richards, but everyone who knows me from the softball world knows me as “Beetlejuice”. We won’t get into the reason here.

Randy-Snowshoe-webAs of May 20th, 2015 I will have been with Tri-State Outfitters for 15 years. I am the Sporting Goods Department Manager/Shift Manager of the Coeur d’Alene Tri State Outfitters store.
As for my favorite outdoor activities, there are very few things that can be done outdoors that I don’t enjoy. Having been born and raised here in Coeur d’Alene, I have spent my whole life participating in outdoor sports. From skiing, hunting, and snow shoeing in the winter months, to boating, kayaking, hiking, camping, and fishing in the summer months. I would much rather be in the great outdoors than doing anything under a roof.

My wife Pam and I enjoy taking the grand kids with us to teach them the joys of being outdoors, and to show them how blessed they are to live in an area as beautiful as Coeur d’Alene, where one can drive less than an hour any direction and find yourself wading into a river or carving through some fresh powder. I have gotten to be an avid outdoor photographer, and you can’t ask for a better area for a hobby such as that.

Fly Fishing in August on the North Fork of the Coeur d’ Alene River.

Picking any one area that we like to go to more than any other is tough. All of the local ski areas offer great skiing, and I like being able to spend time at all of them. I spend most of my time on Coeur d’Alene Lake mainly because it’s close to home, but I love the peaceful beauty of boating on Pend O’Reille Lake. As for my favorite hiking areas, my wife and I try to map out any areas in Idaho that have waterfalls, and hike in to those. There’s just something ultra majestic about a waterfall.

Stop by and visit Randy at our Coeur d’Alene location anytime!

Gear Intervention Contest

Posted: January 23, 2015

Is your Outdoor Gear Outdated and Overused? Is Duct Tape a Solution to your Gear Malfunctions?

If So, It’s Time For A Gear Intervention!

Here’s how we can help:
1) Post a photo wearing your old, worn-out outdoor equipment on our Facebook page or on Twitter tagged #gearintervention.
2) Win a $100 gift card if we pick your photo on February 9th and crown you most worthy of a gear intervention.

* We want to see you wearing or using all types of old gear: skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, camping and running!

Entry Period: Friday, January 23rd – Tuesday, February 17th.

Winner Announced: Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 at noon on Facebook and Twitter.

* Winner must be able to pick up prize at any of our Tristate locations.

Contest Rules & Fine Print:

By entering and submitting a photo, you grant Crown Enterprises Inc. permission to use and display your photo for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, online promotions such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,,, and Instagram, as well as in-store promotions, print media and broadcast without any obligation to pay compensation or any right of approval. Crown Enterprises Inc. reserves the right to end the promotional contest at any time, for any reason.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Inc. We reserve the right to remove any photos or comments that we deem inappropriate.

• Submit as many photos as you like.

* Prizes are As-Is & cannot be exchanged or returned for cash value.

* Winners must be able to pick up prize at any of our Tristate or Sportsman & Ski Haus locations.

* Employees of Crown Enterprises Inc. and their immediate family are ineligible to enter or win.

Win Tickets To Jerry Seinfeld

Posted: April 4, 2014


Rules & Fine Print:

  • 3 Pairs of Tickets Will Be Given Away
  • Winners Will Be Notified By Phone
  • No Purchase Necessary.
  • Need Not Be Present To Win.
  • Must be 18 Years or Older To Participate
  • Employees & Immediate Relatives Not Eligible To Win.
  • Please Remember Your Phone Number
  • Some Restrictions Apply.