The North Face Aconcagua 2 Vest

Sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you can be, and sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you’ll get.  If you were going to ride a trail on a 4-wheeler sometime this winter, you may want to wear some insulated bibs, a thick coat and warm gloves.  But if you […]

Safe ATV Riding

Hunting with dogs and ATV.

Summertime is a fine time to ride an ATV. I use them to reach remote trout creeks located far behind locked gates where full-sized vehicle traffic is prohibited but smaller ATV traffic allowed. I use them for summertime big-game scouting, and checking widely-scattered trail cameras. Most weekend warriors simply ride ATVs to get outside and […]

A Cast & Blast Spring

Spring is possibly my favorite time of year, especially after surviving a dreary, seemingly endless Inland Northwest winter. When snow begins to recede, skies turn blue, grass greens up and the first Easter lilies of the year pop up, it’s difficult to remain indoors and take work seriously. Thoughts turn to outdoor sport, if nothing […]

Antler-Hunting Season

Think there’s nothing hunting-related to do during late winter? Try shed antler hunting! In the Inland Northwest late winter and early spring can prove the season of schizophrenic weather. A few days of sunshine and gorgeous weather easily tricks you into believing spring is in the air, only to find yourself driving white knuckled atop […]

What’s In Your Pack?

By Patrick Meitin What you carry into the field makes all the difference between loaded down and efficiency. As modern hunters we seem to have an awful lot of stuff to tote into the field these days. We have all become what pioneering naturist Aldo Leopold termed “gadgeteers.” And why not? Modern hunting and outdoor […]

Gear Up For Turkey Season

Spring is all about turkey hunting and the time to prepare is now. I really can’t imagine a person who isn’t thrilled to see spring arrive.  To me this is the real start of a new year, at least from the perspective of new hunting and fishing adventures that lay ahead.  As we speak I’ve […]

Winter Sport Part II: Family Fun

Family Fun & Exercise Okay, if you’re just joining us, you’ve missed Part I and you need to go back and start there – at least if fishing means anything to you.  If you’re not into the entire fishing thing, well, you can start here I suppose – though I can’t imagine fishing meaning nothing […]

Whitetail Rut-Time Magic

Deer season’s been open in some form or fashion in Washington, Idaho and Montana for some weeks but the best is yet to come. As the first truly chilly days of fall begin to arrive deer, most notably whitetails, begin to feel a stir of hormones prompting the urge to breed. Scrapes begin to grow […]

Get Ready For Bow Season Now

Square Away Your Bow Hunting Right Now to Enjoy Archery-Season Success Later Archery season will be here before you know it. The time to prepare is now. Besides hitting the practice range to tone those shooting muscles and hone your skills, it’s also time to take a hard look at your equipment. If it’s been […]

Ground Squirrel Season

Hunted Ground Squirrel Catch

For some hunters late spring means the end of turkey season. For others the beginning of spring bear season. But for many Inland Northwest hunters, and especially accuracy-driven riflemen, May and June spell the peak of ground squirrel season. In reality there really is no “season,” per se, for non-game species such as ground squirrels may be shot […]

Essential Spring-Turkey Gear

Colorful Turkey Standing In Forest

Shop now to make your spring turkey season more comfortable and productive. It’s that time of year again, the woods shrugging off the ugly coat of winter and donning a bright new coat of green. Birds not seen since early fall are returning and building nests and wild turkeys are again gobbling. In another couple weeks […]