The North Face Aconcagua 2 Vest

Sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you can be, and sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you’ll get.  If you were going to ride a trail on a 4-wheeler sometime this winter, you may want to wear some insulated bibs, a thick coat and warm gloves.  But if you were going to go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, it’s doubtful bibs would be your first choice.

Aerobic exercise uses oxygen to turn carbs to energy and that creates heat.  When you’re engaged in an activity such as running, swimming, cycling; or, in this case snowshoeing or skiing, you’re going to burn energy, and that energy burn is going to produce a lot of body heat that could potentially spoil your fun if you’re not dressed properly.  Andy Petranek, co-founder of Whole Life Challenge says “It’s important when you head out into the cold to get exercise – that you feel cold,” “You don’t want to feel toasty warm before you even start.  You’ll be way overheated within five minutes of starting.  The key is layers.”

An important layer for your consideration, in our opinion, is the versatile Aconcagua 2 Vest by The North Face.  The Aconcagua, named after the tallest mountain in the western hemisphere, is a wind-resistant vest that combines natural and synthetic insulations to help maintain a proper balance of your body heat.  Down insulation offers warmth without the weight while synthetic Heatseeker™ insulation located in the moisture-prone areas keeps you warm even when dampened by perspiration or environmental conditions.  The fabric is DWR-treated to ward off light precipitation when worn as an outer layer.  The low-profile design of the vest means it will layer comfortably underneath an additional outer layer when you’re ready to apply it.

Don’t be surprised when you find yourself wearing this vest everyday of winter.  The Aconcagua 2 is available in Men’s and Women’s sizes in a limited variety of colors.

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