Safe ATV Riding

Hunting with dogs and ATV.

Summertime is a fine time to ride an ATV. I use them to reach remote trout creeks located far behind locked gates where full-sized vehicle traffic is prohibited but smaller ATV traffic allowed. I use them for summertime big-game scouting, and checking widely-scattered trail cameras. Most weekend warriors simply ride ATVs to get outside and […]

A Cast & Blast Spring

Spring is possibly my favorite time of year, especially after surviving a dreary, seemingly endless Inland Northwest winter. When snow begins to recede, skies turn blue, grass greens up and the first Easter lilies of the year pop up, it’s difficult to remain indoors and take work seriously. Thoughts turn to outdoor sport, if nothing […]

Dry-Fly Nirvana

Runoff is past, real heat has arrived and the time is never better for the fly-fishing “snob” looking for some dry-fly action. Real summer is dry-fly prime time, as this truly is the time of year when I can head out with a fly-rod in hand and lay down odds of out-fishing the guy with […]

Winter Sports Part I: Winter Angling Opportunities

Part I in our Winter Sport Series When I lived in the Southwest I loved winter (namely its bird hunting) and hated summer (more pointedly, its consistent triple-digit temperatures).  After a decade in the Inland Northwest those sentiments have essentially reversed, at least in terms of true winter, which for me is January and February.  […]

Anadromous Fishing Techniques

More than 70,000 Chinooks over Bonneville Dam mid-September points to great season. To any thinking angler anadromous, or sea-run, fish hold a special fascination not only because they are bigger than average, and exceptional table fare bringing to us the rich nutrients of the sea, but because of their intrinsic mystique. I mean really, here’s […]

Things That Float

Man fishing on a kayak

With July heat on the rise watersports craft are suddenly en vogue. My cluttered garage holds a float tube, a pontoon boat, a drift boat and canoe, a motor boat, and more recently, a kayak. I own all of this amphibious equipment strictly in the interests of accessing more or bigger fish (and hunting waterfowl when […]

What’s In Your Fly Boxes?

Two Men River Fly Fishing

Stocking Your Boxes with the Right Flies Assures You’ll Catch More Trout in the Coming Season Our annual spring inventory of fresh fly-fishing flies just arrived at Tri-State Outfitters in Lewiston, Idaho. While I set to restocking depleted bins I couldn’t help but contemplate my own fly boxes. There are plenty of empty spaces in those “fly […]

Ice Fishing For Beginners

As With Any Outdoor Activity, Safety Comes First For safe walking on ice, make sure the ice thickness is at least 3 to 4 inches. Go with a friend or pick a spot where other ice anglers are nearby. Try to get information on local ice conditions before wandering out onto the ice. The last thing […]