A Freeze Dryer Pays For Itself!

A Home Freeze Dryer from Harvest Right(R), now available at Tri-State Outfitters, will quickly pay for itself in a number of ways. – Families can preserve food they normally waste and throw away. – Easily preserve produce from gardens and fruit trees. – Create your own long term emergency food storage. A number of studies […]

The North Face Aconcagua 2 Vest

Sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you can be, and sometimes winter activities call for dressing as warm as you’ll get.  If you were going to ride a trail on a 4-wheeler sometime this winter, you may want to wear some insulated bibs, a thick coat and warm gloves.  But if you […]

A Cast & Blast Spring

Spring is possibly my favorite time of year, especially after surviving a dreary, seemingly endless Inland Northwest winter. When snow begins to recede, skies turn blue, grass greens up and the first Easter lilies of the year pop up, it’s difficult to remain indoors and take work seriously. Thoughts turn to outdoor sport, if nothing […]

Backpacking Essentials

Whatever backpacking adventures you’re planning this year, Tri-State Outfitters can help you get there in comfort and safety. Not only do our hiking experts have the product knowledge to guide you to the right gear for your journey, they’re also experienced in the outdoors and understand the local terrain. We’ve put together a list of […]

Antler-Hunting Season

Think there’s nothing hunting-related to do during late winter? Try shed antler hunting! In the Inland Northwest late winter and early spring can prove the season of schizophrenic weather. A few days of sunshine and gorgeous weather easily tricks you into believing spring is in the air, only to find yourself driving white knuckled atop […]

What’s In Your Pack?

By Patrick Meitin What you carry into the field makes all the difference between loaded down and efficiency. As modern hunters we seem to have an awful lot of stuff to tote into the field these days. We have all become what pioneering naturist Aldo Leopold termed “gadgeteers.” And why not? Modern hunting and outdoor […]

Winter Sport Part II: Family Fun

Family Fun & Exercise Okay, if you’re just joining us, you’ve missed Part I and you need to go back and start there – at least if fishing means anything to you.  If you’re not into the entire fishing thing, well, you can start here I suppose – though I can’t imagine fishing meaning nothing […]