Black Mountain

Plan a whole day for a trip to the top of Black Mountain. The climb covers about 8 miles from the ranger station near the base to the startling clarity of Black Lake just below the peak. Starting early is required to make it back out before nightfall. However, should you feel inclined to climb […]

Crystal Lake

Hidden away in the mountains just outside St. Maries, Idaho is Crystal Lake. The clear water gathers at the top of a valley where boulder strewn ridges coalesce together and keep the lake secret on all sides but one. Getting into this mountain lake is a kind of choose your own adventure hike. Starting from […]

Indian Cliffs

The Indian Cliffs trail is only a small part of what Heyburn State Park has to offer, but definitely worth the hour it takes to make the three mile loop. This hike requires little more than a good size water bottle or hydration pack, but rewards your efforts with a fantastic vista that serves a […]

Palouse Falls

Few sights in nature overwhelm like crashing rivers and cascading waterfalls. In time, even hardened basalt must begrudge the river its course. Palouse Falls bears testament to the fact that the river, always patient, never ceasing, wins out in the end. The Palouse River has cut its path through the gentle slopes of one of […]