Palouse Falls

Few sights in nature overwhelm like crashing rivers and cascading waterfalls. In time, even hardened basalt must begrudge the river its course. Palouse Falls bears testament to the fact that the river, always patient, never ceasing, wins out in the end. The Palouse River has cut its path through the gentle slopes of one of the world’s most fertile farming regions. Only a few hours’ drive from the Moscow/Pullman city centers, this small park offers easy drive-up viewing and pleasurable day hiking for those who feel inclined to wander. Watch the show from above a naturally formed Coliseum, or hike your way down and take center stage directly next to and atop the powerful falls. Acrophobia sufferers beware! 100 foot rock walls buttress the quick flowing river on each side. Keep to the canyon edge and you can look down on the exposed history of the Columbia River Basin, with its layers of ancient basaltic flows and giant rock slides climbing impossibly up the canyon walls. Expect the company of hawks making forays into the canyon, and prairie dog checking in on you from between the rocky crags. For a quick visit and a little light hiking, Palouse Falls is a great place to start.