CDA – New Store & New Name

We Will No Longer Be Known As Tri-State Outfitters, But We're Still The Same Company You've Known For Nearly 40 Years;  Offering The Same Great Service, And Now A Much, Much Better Selection.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Great New Features:

Our Ski Haus Is Now Much Bigger, Allowing Us To Offer A Much Broader Selection!

      • More Skis & Boards!

      • More Boots!

      • More Accessories!

Plus we can now offer greater rental capacity as well as greater shop capacity!

We've Added A Golf Department With Two State-Of-The-Art Trackman Golf Simulators

These amazing simulators allow you to play golf on courses from around the world in a simulation so real is so real, you’ll think you’re there!

    • Play Golf All-Year Round!

    • Start A Winter League!

Over 40,000 Sq. Ft. Of Pure Outdoor Fun!

We Finally Have the Room For Sport Balls, Golf Discs And So Much More!

    • Footballs

    • Basketballs

    • Soccerballs

And that's not all... You'll find Baseball Bats, Gloves, Cleats, Accessories and a lot more.

More Stuff Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Now...Here's Our Story:

We Opened Our First Store On 4th Street In 1985


In 1992, We Moved To A New location On Sunshine Street.  Even Though It Was Twice The Size Of The 4th Street Location, Within One Year It Was Too Small.

Tri-State Outfitters, owned by Tri-State Distributors, Inc., opened the Coeur d'Alene store on 4th Street in 1985.  It was a relatively small building in what should have been a prime location.  As time went by; we found the building to be much too small for a growing business and that particular location on 4th Street grew increasingly difficult to navigate as the city's growth was exploding.

In 1992, we made the commitment to moving to a newer, larger location.  After looking at several previously occupied buildings in the area, we ultimately made the decision to build, and the new location for that building would be one block south of the area's newest retail hot-spot, the Silver Lake Mall.  That big, beautiful mall was going to give people plenty of reason to traverse the vast expanses of what was only landscape in 1992, to visit our store.  And they did!  Before we even opened the doors for business!!

Our official opening day for that store was planned to be Black Friday of 1992, but a healthy snow fell as we were moving merchandise between locations and getting our salesfloor set up for business.  With our sign already up on the side of the building and a reputation for our winter footwear selection, people came.  They came and they came; and with no registers yet in place, our footwear professionals did what needed to be done to make certain everyone left happy, even if it meant using their own wallets as cash registers.

As the exit strategy for Tri-State Distributors, the family that founded the company in 1946, the employees of Tri-State would become the 100% employee-owners of the company, and in 2010, Crown Enterprises was named the corporate head of our company.  Now, a little more than a decade later, we, the employee-owners are ready to make one more change.  We are re-naming ourselves Sportsman and Ski Haus.  You'll find that at Sportsman and Ski Haus...

Something's Always in Season!