Ace Hardware Red Hot Buys for February 2017




Now Through February 28



Attracts Bluebirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, Nuthatches, Finches, Sparrows and other desirable birds.  20-pounds of seed per bag.


Heath Outdoor

All-Season Suet

High-energy suet attracts a wide variety of wild birds including Warblers, Woodpeckers and Wrens!  Each package is guaranteed fresh and won't melt.

Reg. $.99 Each

Buy 3 Get One FREE!


Giant Combo Bird Feeder

Two high-capacity seed chambers in one giant feeder that can accommodate many clinging and perching birds.  Hours of family enjoyment!

Reg. $37.99


Craftsman Vacuum 600x600


2.5 Gallon

Wet/Dry Vacuum

This 2.5 gallon vacuum is a great addition to any home.  Perfect for those "Hard-to-clean" areas as well as those occasions when you need to get a lot of water up fast.

Reg. 31.99


Craftsman Tool Trio 600x600


Mini Tools &


Three great items:  A Craftsman 13" Large-Mouth Tool Bag, A Craftsman 10-In-1 Mini Multi Tool and a Magnetic Torpedo Level.  Each is consrtructed with Craftsman quality and durability in mind.

Values to 9.99

$4.99 Ea.

Contractor Bags 600x600



Contractor Bags

These heavy-duty, 3-mil thick bags are perfect for containing anything from yard waste to garage waste to construction waste.  Available in 42-gallon or 55-gallon bags, pack 15 or 20 respectively

Reg. 13.99



Stanley & DeWalt

Assorted Tools

& Accessories

Choose from a variety of handy tools and accessories that can really help around the house or the shop.  Selection includes a Stanley 16' Tape Measure, a DeWalt 4-Piece Screwdriver Set, a Stanley Stanley 9-Compartment Storage Box, a Stanley Glue Gun, a Stanley Quickchange Utility Knife or Stanley Utility Knife 100-Blade Refill.

Values to 13.99

$4.99 Ea.

Rustoleum Paint 600x600


Painter's tgouch 2X Ultra Cover

Spray Paint + Primer

Provides super coverage - which means your project will be done in less time and cost versus competitive brands thanks to breakthrough Advanced Cover Technology.  Choose from a wide array of colors and finishes.

Reg. 4.49


Ace Roller Covers 600x600


3-Pack 9"x3/8" 

Paint Roller Covers

Get a nice, smooth finish in one easy coat with one of these 9-inch rollers.  Each one features a 3/8" nap that's best used to cover smooth surfaces.  Three quality-made rollers per pack.

Reg. 8.49




Duck Tape 600x600


Professional Grade

60-Yd. Duck Tape

1.88" wide, premium duck tape has a million-and-one uses.  A must for every home, every toolbox, every automobile.


Reg. 6.99




LED Bulbs 6-Pack 600X600

Feit Electric


LED Performance Bulbs

65-Watt equivalent bulbs save you money and last up to 10 years.  Six performance bulbs per box


Reg. 29.99



LED Bulbs 2-Pack 600X600

Feit Electric

LED Multi-Purpose Bulb

or Chandelier Bulb 2-Pk.

Replace you standard incandescent bulbs as they fail with these economic bulbs that can last up to 10 years.  Choose from two different styles.

Values to 9.99

$5.99 Ea.

Duracell Batteries 600x600




Copper-top quality batteries at a savings!  Choose from AA, AAA, C, D or 9-Volt batteries available in multi-packs.  Limit four packs per purchase of your choice selection.

Values to 14.99


Filtrete Filters 600x600


Micro Allergen

Furnace Air Filters

Assorted sizes available.

Buy Two Get One